100% for Health Plans

EvolveSPM is specifically designed for health plans.

We focus on sale channel incentive compensation and all aspects of sales channel management.

We specialize in complex business processes and data integration.

EvolveSPM provides health plans the exact compensation solution they require.

All Sales Channels, All LOB's

EvolveSPM supports all sale channels, like telesales, internal sales, external brokers, external agencies, marketplaces, etc.

EvolveSPM supports all LOB's like Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, Marketplace, etc.

Medicare CMS Compliance

EvolveSPM includes CMS compliant compensation plans.

We are experts in CMS compliance regarding Medicare Agent/Broker Compensation (CMS 42 CFR Parts 422, 423, et al).

What is EvolveSPM?

Health plans use EvolveSPM for:
  • Sales Channel Compensation
  • Sales Channel Management
  • Managing $Millions in Timely, Accurate Payments
  • Agent Portal to Provide Sales Channel Support with Issue Tickets and Managerial Work Queues
  • Paying Tens of Thousands of External Agents, Agencies, FMOs, etc.
  • Managing Complex Internal Sales Rep and Manager Compensation Schedules
  • For Medicare LOB, Staying Compliant with Ever-changing CMS Regulations

EvolveSPM Benefits

  • Support Sales and Marketing Strategies
  • Save costs by not overpaying
  • Save costs by reducing FTE's
  • Incentivize agents to sell your products
  • Create and measure performance incentives that grow your plan
  • Improve agent relations and reduce turnover
  • For Medicare, avoid CMS sanctions by staying compliant with CMS regulations
  • Consolidate all compensation data sources like CRM, Enrollment, Billing, etc., into EvolveSPM's data repository

Some EvolveSPM Clients

Our clients range in size and geographic location. We have both national and regional clients. We tailor EvolveSPM to meet each client's unique requirements.

EvolveSPM & Compliance

  • Become compliant and stay compliant
  • We are the experts in CMS Medicare Compliance for agent/broker compensation
  • Ensure every dollar of compensation is documented and tied to business rules designed for compliance
  • Meet all compensation reporting requirements

Download our Compliance White Paper

Download our EvolveSPM White Paper on CMS 2015 Rules for Agent Compensation (Version FR2015B).

The EvolveSPM Service Approach

We give you EXACTLY what you want - supporting your unique requirements.

Review Requirements
Educate and Align Best Practices
Business Requirement Document (BRD)

System Requirement Document (SRD)
Business Cases
Configuration and Tailoring

Systems Integration and Data Scrubbing
User and Superuser Training
Turnkey with 100% Customer Delight

Process Re-engineering
Deep Domain Consultation
Education on Compliance & CMS Regulations

About - Us

HealthCare Enterprise Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2002 and has provided cutting-edge enterprise solutions to healthcare organizations for over 16 years.

EvolveSPM is the company's Sales Performance Management and Compensation solution. EvolveSPM clients include National Medicare Plans, Medicaid Plans, Commercial Plans and Marketplace Qualified Health Plans.